The Arts @ Wrigley

Harnessing the Power of Art for People and Planet

As part of our comprehensive, cross-disciplinary approach, the Wrigley Institute for Environment and Sustainability has made artistic endeavor an integral part of what we do.

The arts have a unique ability to capture people’s attention, seed change, and spur action. Our hope is that the projects on this page–and many more–will bring a new dimension to the climate conversation and galvanize people to create a more sustainable and equitable future for our planet and the people who live on it.

two students glue scrap muslin onto a large concrete globe as part of an art project

How We Do It

Training students

Through our ongoing environmental communications internship and standalone opportunities, such as spring 2022’s “Cool Globes” course, we train arts students to communicate science–and science students to integrate the arts into their work.

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Engaging faculty

Faculty scientists become storytellers through our annual Storymakers program. We also support faculty who are merging the arts and sustainability through the creation of original works, such as poetry or paintings.

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Reaching the public

By sponsoring or co-programming with public, climate-focused art exhibitions, we help reach a wider audience with the message of a more sustainable and equitable future.

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