Environmental Studies Program

Are You Ready to Save Our Planet?

Students in the USC Dornsife Environmental Studies Program (ENST) train to become the world’s next generation of environmental leaders: scientists, policy makers, communicators, educators, and more. 

Environmental issues affect every part of our lives, and our program trains you to tackle environmental and sustainability problems from multiple angles. Plus, we’ve got some pretty cool experiences waiting for you at the Wrigley Marine Science Center on Catalina Island!

A group of smiling Environmental Studies students walks onto the beach on Catalina Island

Ways to Connect with Environmental Studies

Three students wearing casual clothing crouch on the beach as they take soil samples.
Get a degree!
ENST offers several options for undergraduate majors and minors, plus master’s degrees.
Become a scientific diver
If you’re planning a career in scientific research connected to the ocean, we can help you earn the certification you need.
Take a class or two
Regardless of your major, if you’re interested in sustainability, ENST classes can add depth to your degree.