Solutions-Focused Research to Save the Planet

Whether through original research or by supporting the work of world-class faculty and fellows, the Wrigley Institute for Environment and Sustainability is leading the way to a more sustainable and equitable future.

Our research programs reach across the natural and social sciences, humanities, and the arts to create a holistic understanding of our environment. Whatever your field of study, we invite you to join us in solving the world’s most pressing environmental problems.

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Wrigley Institute Research Centers

Our research centers mark a bold and important step forward in the mission of the Wrigley Institute. They merge the expertise of core faculty, staff scientists, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students to tackle the challenge of sustainability from every angle.

Research Themes

Our Research Centers Focus on Three Themes

Earth and Environmental Systems

Focused on the natural systems that combine to form our environment, the Earth and Environmental Systems center develops scientific insights about and monitors our changing planet.

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Applied Environmental Solutions

This center turns science into action by testing the feasibility of new climate solutions and determining how to convert them into workable practices and technology.

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Social Transformation

Scientists working with the Social Transformation center seek applied insights about how people think, what they believe, and how they ultimately behave when it comes to the environment.

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Support for World-Changing Research

At the Wrigley Institute, we believe that solutions come from everywhere. We offer fellowships, professional development, faculty awards, and other support to help advance evironmental and sustainability research from across disciplines and around the country.

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Wrigley Marine Science Center

Located just across the San Pedro Channel from Los Angeles, our Catalina Island campus is the crown jewel of our research enterprise. Pristine surroundings, coupled with proximity to one of the nation’s largest cities, make WMSC a unique place to conduct both laboratory and field research.